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When it comes to cosmetic surgery, you want to get the timing right. And when should you schedule your plastic surgery procedure? Plan your procedure well ahead of any events (like a wedding) so you have time to heal, allow reduction of any swelling or redness. If you are planning a procedure allow yourself time to recover.

When planning for neck or chin area procedures, winter gives you the ability to discreetly hide any recovery areas with scarves and turtlenecks. Planning for swimsuit season should be done earlier in the year, so all the areas you have worked on look smooth and natural.  Depending on where you are in the country, the time of year may not matter as much, keep in mind seasonal temperatures and the body area you are having work done. Face work done in the summer will limit your time outdoors as you heal, best to have that work done when there is less chance for sun damage in the fall or winter months. Liposuction is perfect for fall and winter when you can wear your compression garments under heavier clothing.

Plan for your best recovery time, based on your schedule, the climate you live in and what type of procedure you want done. Your plastic surgery experience can be enhanced with good planning. Consult with your surgeon and find out what is the best for your lifestyle and schedule when it comes to scheduling your procedure. Your doctor has extensive experience and will help you make the best decisions.

Come in and talk to Dr Joseph Hirschfeld before you make any decisions. You need a full work up to make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure you are considering. Dr Hirschfeld will make appropriate recommendations to achieve the look you want to achieve. Call to schedule your Free initial consultation.