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Cosmetic surgeries take place in a surgeon’s office, surgical center or hospital. The procedure can last 45 minutes to a several hours, depending on what you’re having done.

For surgical procedures, the team may:

Mark the sites pre-operatively

Position you on a surgical table and do safety checks with nursing and anesthesia.

Administer anesthesia — local or general — based on the procedure.

Clean and prepare the skin in the surgical area.

Make incisions (cuts) in your skin — these are based on the procedure(s) performed.

Cut, reposition or shape tissue and excess fat to create the look you want.

Tightening muscles during abdominoplasty is common.

Trim excess skin.

Suction out excess fat using liposuction by itself or in combination with other procedures.

Close any incisions when the procedure is complete.

Apply bandages.