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Dr. Hirschfeld did a chin liposuction and tightening of the neck bands on me. He is truly an artist and I love the results. What I love, even more, is that he is the kindest, most thorough doctor that I have ever met. He took his time and went the extra mile. He truly cared about me, the patient, above finances. I wanted a face lift but he reviewed my medical history, took time to do research and get advice from other surgeons and decided that it was risking my life and did only the chin lipo, along with some fillers,  botox, and a chemical peel. He was gracious and refunded the money that I had already paid for a facelift and made sure that I was not overcharged for the surgery time because we had reserved it for longer.  Talk about going out of your way! I could not be more pleased. I would vote for doctor. of the year for him anytime!

Debbie R.

My experience having my lower face lift and neck lift with Dr Hirschfeld was excellent, to say the least. He did a beautiful job and answered any of my questions, even those that came up after the initial visit!  He even met with my husband to answer his questions. Always friendly and professional as well as the staff. Candace was extremely helpful throughout the whole experience. The change is amazing in my neck and face. Couldn’t be happier!

Celeste C.

I had a facial skin cancer that was worrisome. It required the mobile lab and a skin graft. Dr. Hirschfeld’s professional training and care for his patients was so impressive. He and his wonderful staff  turned a dreaded procedure into a successful and healthy outcome. Very grateful and pleased !

Joseph K.

I had a breast reduction about a year ago.I love my results! I just had my upper and lower eyes done along with liposuction on my neck and Nasal folds filled with the fat from my neck. the procedure was about 3 hours long. my face was pretty bruised up But I look 10-15 years younger already and I’m still healing. I love Dr. Hirschfeld and all of his staff. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and professional.  What I love about Dr. H. is…if he feels you don’t need a procedure  ( that you think you need) He will advise you not to, and explain why he won’t just do it. And he will show you better options ( and trust me , his ideas are much better! they are back with years of experience! His staff is awesome too! They’re friendly, professional & always return my calls and answers my questions. I would definitely recommend this office 100%

Ester R.

In the past 18 months both myself and my mother were patients of Dr Hirschfeld and we love him!  I had a precancerous lesion removed from my calf and my mother had a large lymphoma removed from her thigh.  We both had little to no discomfort from our procedures.  Dr Hirschfeld called us both at home the evening of our surgeries to check to be sure that we were ok.  I cannot stay enough wonderful things about he and his staff.  I highly recommend him to all of my friends and family

Kim R.

Dr. Hirschfeld is one of the best physicians I have ever had treating me. On my first visit I sensed that he was determined to satisfy my need and was going to make sure we would have a successful outcome. He achieved that.

Thankfully, Dr. Hirschfeld personally phoned me at home the evening after my procedure to make sure that all was going well. My description of Dr. Hirschfeld is a kind, gentle, caring and professional that was more interested in my needs than his.

I would gladly recommend Dr. Hirschfeld to anyone who needs the service of a plastic surgeon!

Eugene G.

I did so much research on who would give me the best rhinoplasty and Dr. Hirschfeld did just that. I couldn’t have asked for a better result. He is a very honest, caring, and trustworthy doctor and I can’t thank him enough.


I had a bilateral breast augmentation on July 28, 2021. My best friend recommended Dr. Hirschfeld. I was hesitant when searching the internet since there aren’t many before and after pictures on his website, especially compared to many other plastic surgeons. However, word-of-mouth advertising can be much more valuable. My consultation went well, and I immediately knew I could trust Dr. Hirschfeld. He used his experience to recommend the best route and options while listening to what I wanted. The ladies in the office are sweet and caring, creating what feels like a family atmosphere in the office. I am 5’9″ and weigh around 160 lbs, and to begin with, a small B cup. I decided on 450cc silicone implants. I learned a lot from Dr. Hirschfeld at my first appointment that helped me create a realistic expectation; I am beyond ecstatic with the results.


Dr. Hirschfeld and ALL of his staff have been wonderful to work with, my surgery for my facelift, which included upper and lower eyes as well as my neck, went seamlessly. 10 days later and the improvement is outstanding.

I will be telling anyone who asks about what an amazing surgeon Dr. Hirschfeld is and how lucky I feel to have been referred to him.

Illyssa Carter

I just passed my 4-month mark since I had my surgery. I am in love with the results. My scars were completely healed by the end of the 2nd month and there was minimal pain associated.

I had a breast reduction with a lift. I was a 20 yr old with size DDD breasts and a curvy frame. My breast was quite saggy and had volume but not enough to make them look good in my opinion.

The consultation and process with Dr. Hirschfeld have been the best experience I have had with a doctor. He is so amazing I recommended him to my mom and she went and had a procedure done by him as well.

Dr. Hirschfeld is such a caring and considerate man. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor.

Tanaia S.

He is the best. A caring professional who explains everything and guides you through to make sure his instructions are followed.

Highly recommend him


The best experience I could have asked for!


Great staff and doctor! Thanks so much!
Timothy C.

Having worked in the healthcare for over 50 years I know patients are quick to criticize rather than compliment. I have nothing but praise for the entire experience. I found everyone not only pleasant, but highly professional.
David H.

I did a LOT of research before choosing a plastic surgeon to do Botox and Juvederm, and it paid off. Not only is Dr. Hirschfeld an artist (I researched ALL his work and he is a master of his craft from faces to tummies and breasts) but he is just such a beautiful human being inside and out! (In fact,everyone in his office is terrific!) I am SO pleased with my results. I can leave the house without feeling self conscious about my face anymore and all anyone who already knows me thinks is that I am a million times happier and more rested. Finally, Dr. Hirschfeld is not in it for the money. He really wants to help people look better. I inquired about treating other areas of my face but instead of just doing as I asked and charging me for it, he explained that I wouldn’t get a natural result from treating such areas. He is a consummate professional and I will be a patient of his for life.


I have the most confidene in Dr. Hirschfeld and his staff. I am extremely please with my results. He is the greatest!
Carl B.

Dr. Hirschfeld was very personable and honest. There was nothing I was left unsure of and I appreciated that. Dr. H and staff were all so caring and reassuring. I felt I was in great hands. I felt that I was truly listened to and cared for throughout the entire process.
Samantha M.

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I am 49 years old, 5’7, and 132 lbs. After 2 kids and the effects of gravity, my breasts were not where they should be (putting it nicely) and I had a lot of trouble finding bras that fit properly. After lots of discussions with my husband, I had a breast lift. I am just under 2 weeks postop and cannot even express how THRILLED I am with the results. I felt completely at ease and comfortable with Dr. Hirschfeld immediately upon meeting him. He is very kind, patient, very easy to talk to, and a genius with what he does. His staff is also amazing. My only regret? Not having it done sooner! For those interested in having this procedure, I can tell you I had very little pain afterwards and the recovery process has been pretty easy (I know everyone is different though). Make an appointment and talk to him…you won’t regret it.

Lisa S

I highly recommend Dr Hirschfeld.  He and his staff are excellent.  His work is impeccable.


Dr. Hirschfeld was absolutely amazing! He is very kind, caring, and patient. His staff was also very caring and available to answer all of my questions. I would recommend Dr. Hirschfeld to anyone interested in plastic surgery. There are not enough words to express my gratitude
Dana T.

Dr. Hirschfeld did a fantastic job on my facelift. He is remarkable doctor and I would gladly recommend him to all of my family and friends. I received the best compliment from my employees, they said you look amazing and so well rested.. This was extremely important to me because I wanted my plastic surgery to look very natural.

Thanks Dr. Hirschfeld..


The results of my surgery was great. I couldn’t have asked for better. He is an amazing doctor and is concerned with his patient’s well-being.
Tanaia S.

Dr. Hirschfeld is first rate and he brings a little sarcasm to the table to make the procedure an enjoyable experience. 

Kevin G