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Overall, a normal breast lift surgery will restore the breasts‘ youthful appearance without the need for implants. Women can also expect to see some firming of the breasts without implants as well. Breast lifts may help women find relief from back pain and poor posture.

Many women decide to get a breast lift without implants because they’re unhappy with the position or shape of their breasts. If you are looking for more cleavage, you will likely want implants. Having breast implants with a breast lift will offer you the best of both outcomes, a more youthful body and more cleavage. This can also save you extra scarring in the long-term since you are having only one procedure.

Come in and talk to Dr Joseph Hirschfeld before you make any decisions. You need a full work up to make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure you are considering. Dr Hirschfeld will make appropriate recommendations to achieve the look you want to achieve. Call to schedule your Free initial consultation,