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Face Lift

Face LiftAre you noticing wrinkles where you previously had none? Do you have sagging jaw line and or neck area? No one can stop the aging process, but Dr. Hirschfeld can certainly make you look more rested and push back the clock with face lift surgery. You should trust your one and only face to the hands of an artist. Dr. Hirschfeld has over 30 years as a board certified plastic surgeon and numerous happy, satisfied patients.

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Facial aging occurs over a number of years and is dependent on genetics, sun exposure, overall health and history of weight gain or loss. The muscles of the face also age, lose tone and volume causing wrinkles and sagging neck line. As you age you lose collagen (which is responsible for the thickness, clarity and elasticity of the skin), causing an increase in the appearance of wrinkles, folds and dull (aged) facial complexion.


Operation & Recovery

Dr. Hirschfeld performs a face lift  using  MAC (sedation) anesthesia in his own fully accredited in office surgery center in Tampa. The surgery usually takes two to three hours depending on the individual technique that Dr. Hirschfeld feels is appropriate. A face lift  best addresses the signs of aging in the lower face, jaw and neck area. The brow lift and or eyelid (blepharoplasty) surgery are separate procedures and are often performed in combination too provide a full youthful appearance. Dr. Hirschfeld has mastered his surgical technique over 30 years in practice. He specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery procedures and providing long lasting natural appearing face lifts.

After surgery, patients go home with a big, bulky dressing and are encouraged to rest and do no lifting or bending. Dr. Hirschfeld  examines all his patients the day after surgery and the dressing is removed and replaced with a chin strap worn for two weeks. Sutures are removed in increments over the next two weeks. Some bruising and swelling is normal and should subside over the next seven to fourteen days. Most patients can return to work in ten to fourteen days. Dr. Hirschfeld  sees his face lift patients frequently to minimize any complications and in the unlikely event there is a complication, deal with in a timely and efficient manner.

Before & After Photos