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The proper application of dermal fillers can achieve an instantly younger appearance. Dermal fillers are safe. There are many options available that can be used individually or together to achieve the look you want. With dermal fillers you can feel natural and they are virtually undetectable. Many people experience a 15 year improvement  in appearance. Dermal fillers can last from 1 to 2 years and if you want to avoid surgery or more dramatic measures, you might be the perfect candidate for dermal fillers to achieve the desired younger appearance you crave.

Voluma is the #1 best-selling dermal filler in the United States. Voluma fills shallow contours on the face that have lost their youthful plumpness (particularly around the cheeks and jaws).  As an injection, Voluma causes minimal bruising, and is one of the best non-surgical techniques available to restore youthful face and can last for up to two years. Voluma can also be used to add length and projection of the chin, reducing the sagging appearance that is typically caused by aging.

Dermal fillers are a safe, reversible option, and Dr Joe Hirschfeld will work with you to achieve the look you want—from a subtle rewind of years, to a full-on sexy upgrade! The doctor will offer suggestions for the best dermal fillers for your outcome, based on your skin and where you need to replace volume.