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How long does a Blepharoplasty surgery take? Surgery plus recovery time varies, most patients are on their way home in two hours including surgical time.

Do I have to wear eye patches? No patches are needed. You will want to have ice packs or cold compresses on your face (frozen peas work well) to reduce swelling around your eyes for up to 48 hours post surgery. If you have any changes in vision please let us know right away.

How long until I can be back to normal? Please allow yourself a few days to adjust and for the swelling to go down. Most patients are back to ‘normal’ within 3-4 days. You can expect to be able to watch tv or use your computer within 24-48 hours, but resting and cold packs will allow you to heal faster.

Before you decide you want to have surgery, please come in for a consultation with Dr Hirschfeld and see if you are a good candidate and if the surgery you are considering will give you the results you want to achieve. Initial consultations are free.