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Just because you are 60 or older, does not mean you are old, not anymore! You may be more sensitive to comments or your insecurity may make you cringe over your reflection in the mirror – but to not give in to depression over your age. If how you look is important to your well being, consider taking steps to make your first impression younger. There are surgical and non-surgical options to improve your “look” – the trick is not jumping in without guidance and a plastic surgeon for support. You may want to try a procedure, and your salon may offer treatments, but do it right, see a plastic surgeon first and determine the best course of action to achieve the results you want. There are a dozen good dermal filler options, each with differing applications and results. Have a medical doctor review your health history, your allergies and your skin, before you take the next step into a surgical or non-surgical procedure.

Whether you have subtle laugh lines, and outstanding “eleven” or sagging skin, get a medical opinion first. Once your cosmetic surgeon has reviewed your problem areas and made best recommendations, you can decide what next step is the right step for you. Age is not an issue, how you feel about yourself is, if you feel younger than you look, and you want to look younger, do not wait. Come in for a free initial consultation with Dr Hirschfeld and determine what the best treatment would be, which surgical options are reasonable at your age to consider, and whether the results you want even require surgery. In many cases you can get dermal fillers and non-invasive lift procedures to get the ‘look’ you want without having the stress or recovery time of a surgical procedure.