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Your Anti-Aging Plan for your 50+

As you age you may experience droopy brows, volume loss in the lower facial third and deep neck bands that form with loose, baggy skin. Dark circles and bag under your eyes and the waddle under your chin can be come more apparent. Starting an anti aging regimen now can slow the signs if aging.

As your face ages, different factors can fade your beauty. Stress and smoking can discolor, excessive sun exposure can create more lines, finding balance as you age is important. Your face will to continue aging as a whole but you can focus on maintaining your appearance with dermal fillers and procedures designed to maintain your current appearance as long as possible.

Consider a Traditional Facelift

Having a facelift slows aging and can make you look 10+ years younger than you really are.  There are several facelift options, with the overall goal to restore natural curvatures to your facial features while maintaining the right amount of volume.  Men and women in their 50-60s may opt for facelifts when injectables and noninvasive treatments do not do enough. A facelift lasts for years and may only require minor touch ups such as excess skin removal later when you are in your 70’s.

Other common anti-aging procedures:

Blepharoplasty (Eye Lid surgery) Corrects hollows, reduces under eye bags and restores volume loss

Browlift restores the brows back to a more elevated and natural looking position

Necklift (Turkey Neck) removes loose skin and fat waddles

Liposuction is often used to remove excess fat deposits and help sculpt the neck and upper arm areas.